Genealogy Requests

Please reply to the webmaster if you have any information on any of the following requests:-

New Request Nicholas Rowe is reseaching Libury Hall when it was a farm colony. Specific questions he needs help with are here.
Can anybody help Nicholas with this?

John Archer is researching sites of searchlight batteries stationed in the Little Munden area during WW2. Can anybody help with this?

Jane Clark is looking for information about Lady Agnew of Whitehill Farm. Read more here.

John Cole is trying to contact someone who knows about the Rayment family of Great Munden. read more

Nigel Dawson-Ellis would like to know more details about Edmund T Heysham 1739-1819 read more.

Kevin Huxtable is researching his great grandmother Mary Ann MASKELL (1834-1945) who lived for a short while in Great Munden and would like to know if anyone in that area or Levens Green remembers that name. read more

Gill Horn has made a request for information about staff at Green End House around 1890. read more

Mary Morley nee Roffe would like to know more about her paternal ancestors read more.

James Conway would like help in tracing ancestors in Sacombe follow the link to his request.

My name is Robert Bennett. I am researching the Bennett side of my family which covers Little Munden and Ardeley. My great grand mother was an Edwards also a Milton is listed in the 1901 census. Could you tell me how to get in touch with Peter Harris
Thank you, Robert

Peter Harris would like to know more about his family (Edwards & Milton) read more

Do you know anything about the Pilgrim Family? read more

Colin Hague would like some help in tracing a local Ancestor. Can you help?

Russ Rimington would also like help in gaining information about his local ancestors, read more here.

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