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Welcome to "The Mundens" website which serves the villages of Little Munden, Great Munden, Dane End, Haultwick, Green End and Sacombe and the beautiful surrounding areas within East Hertfordshire, England.



This website is funded by Little Munden Parish Council and administered by a local resident. The website is dedicated to the requirements and information needs of the residents of "The Mundens".
If you have any suggestions for improvements or additions to the site or if there is any local event, news, service or business that you would like included or advertised on the website then email the webmaster, in good time, using the link below. If appropriate it will be added to the site.
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Little Munden Parish Council Audit
The external audit of the LMPC Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2017 has been completed. The results of the audit and requisite information can be viewed here. There is also a link on the Parish Council Accounts and Reports page of this website.

Planning Appeal: Wheelwrights Farm Rowney Lane
An Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State will hold an Informal Hearing in The Council Chamber, East Herts Council Offices on 21st November 2017 starting at 10:00 am. In addition to comments already submitted, interested members of the public may attend the hearing and, with the agreement of the Inspector, will be allowed to give their views. Read the full letter from East Herts Council here.

The Boot
Boot Coffee Mornings
The next two Boot Coffee mornings will be Friday 3rd November and Friday 1st December 10.30am - 12.30pm. Come and enjoy a selection of homemade cakes with your tea/coffee, and some great company.

Community Newsletter from Groundwork East
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Community Newsletter from East Herts Council
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