Little Munden Planning Applications

Planning applications shown below are available to view on the Council's website. Type or copy/paste the planning application number into the council's planning search engine or use one of the other available search criteria.
You can also view applications at the Council's Offices, Wallfields, Pegs Lane, Hertford or at Charrington House, The Causeway, Bishop's Stortford.

Open Planning Applications

Reference: 3/19/0413/LBC
Address: Green End Park Green End Dane End Ware Herts
Proposal: Exterior works - Replacement and alterations of steps and patio
Status: Awaiting decision.

Reference: 3/19/0302/LBC
Address: Fallowfield Whempstead Lane Whempstead Ware Herts
Proposal: Replacement of an existing full height glazed opening and enlargement of four existing ground floor openings to rear (south eastern) elevation and insertion of dry lining to the walls and roof to barn.
Status: Awaiting decision.

Reference: X/19/0033/CND
Address: Woolston Farm The Street Haultwick Ware Herts
Proposal: Discharge condition 4 (archaeology) attached to 3/16/1668/FUL
Status: Awaiting decision.

Reference: 3/19/0049/CLXU
Address: Home Farm Munden Road Dane End Ware Herts
Proposal: Lawful use of land and buildings as a mixed-use planning unit including employment uses and use in association with agricultural contracting and music studio: Units A, B, C and F as active B1 / B2 / B8 use; Unit D as active B1 use; Units E, N, O, J and Container as vacant units in previous agricultural use; Units G, H and I as active B8 use; Units K, L and M as established Agricultural use.
Status: Awaiting decision.

Reference: 3/18/2594/FUL
Address: 8 To 10 Founceley Avenue Dane End Ware Hertfordshire
Proposal: First floor extension, over existing structure
Status: Awaiting decision.

Reference: 3/18/2624/HH
Address: White Willow The Street Haultwick Ware Hertfordshire
Proposal: Demolition of existing garage and erection of double garage.
Status: Awaiting decision.

Reference: 3/18/2447/FUL
Address: The Rest And Welcome Haultwick Ware Hertfordshire
Proposal: Part demolition of public house, erection of single storey extension with canopy and creation of 16 parking spaces.
Status: Awaiting decision.

Reference: 3/18/2448/LBC
Address: The Rest And Welcome Haultwick Ware Hertfordshire
Proposal: Part demolition of Public House, erection of single storey extension with canopy, alterations and levelling of roofline, alterations to fenestration, alterations to materials. Internal alterations to include, raising the level of the main internal cross beams, removal of all first floor flooring, existing ground floor level to be lowered, removal of all partition walls and re location of bar.
Status: Awaiting decision.