Dane End now has a community defibrillator which can help to save the life of someone suffering a sudden cardiac arrest.

Please familiarise yourself with the information and procedures on this page.

Dane End Defibrillator


Immediate action is vital when dealing with a sudden cardiac arrest. Read more here.

⚫ In the event of an emergency follow the steps outlined in the Community Heartbeat leaflet

⚫ Dane End now has a Volunteer Emergency Telephone System (VETS) to assist in the use of the Community Defibrillator.
    Please read the attached handout which tells you how to use the system.

⚫ The defibrillator is located in the old Telephone Box adjacent to Dane End Stores.
    The defibrillator looks like this.
    It is contained within a locked cabinet inside the telephone box.
    The 999 operator will be able to give you the code to unlock the cabinet.

⚫ Information on how to perform CPR is contained in this NHS Page.