Little Munden Parish Council

Chairman: Jonathan Pool
Vice Chairman: Elizabeth Bacon
Clerk: Geraldine Ward 438145

Darren Jones
David Hart
Jennifer Mackintosh
Keith Williams
Tracey Harding

Councillors Responsibilities
The Councillors responsibilities as at
31st March 2018 are listed here.


The above picture was taken at the Parish Council meeting of 20th July 2017.

From left to right:
Darren Jones, Jennifer Mackintosh, Elizabeth Bacon, Geraldine Ward, Jonathan Pool, David Hart, Tracey Harding, Keith Williams.

The meetings are usually held on the second from last Thursday of the month at 8pm in the Memorial Hall. Please check on notice boards for dates of meetings. There are no meetings in December or August. Details are also posted on the notice boards in Dane End (by the shop and Memorial Hall), in Haultwick and Green End. Meetings usually last about 1 hour.
The Annual Parish Meeting (APM) is usually held in the Memorial Hall in April. For a Precis of the last meeting please see the newsletter. For the Agenda for the next meeting please see newsletter or LMPC News webpage. Why not come and listen to the meetings? They are open to everyone living in or affected by the Parish Council's decisions. Important decisions are made that can seriously affect the Parish. Your input would be appreciated.
Also if you have anything in particular you want to draw to the Council’s attention please do not hesitate to contact us or attend the meeting.